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Download the pirated movie, they said. The next day, my computer was slow, and my information was stolen. That’s a higher price than a $10 movie, right?

Malware is short for Malicious Software, and it could be anywhere. This malware is created by cyber criminals who want to make money by stealing your information, or even by kidnapping your computer.

According to Norton, malware was first intended as a joke or a prank yo colleagues and transformed into this “vandalism and destruction” of computers. Most of the malware is created to generate profit via ads, or stolen information.

Malware can be obtained by downloading or opening documents whose origin we don’t know, or simply by OS errors.

The best way to protect ourselves against it, is by not clicking every link we see, unless we trust it, and always keep our apps and OSs updated.

Computer and Information Security

--Originally published at Stories by Luis Arturo Mendoza on Medium

I was looking some article on Medium about Computer and Information Security and I didn’t find anything good, so my purpose is to publish four articles every month about Information Security on Medium. It’s important to mention that I’m studying Information Security in my class at ITESM.

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