Security on the Financial Sector

--Originally published at Renato Gutiérrez Blog

Through time, technology has been playing a critical job in the financial sector, due to the high demand of transactions each day that creates an invisible world where billions of US dollars are exchanges each millisecond. This size of demand is not humanly possible to manually transact.

For a trading venue, the faster and more efficiently it can carry out a deal and the more up to date information it can store and retrieve, the more attractive it is to investors, since these investors want to buy or sell shares quickly, to prevent changes in price during the transaction.

These keywords are very important, so is critical to handle them the best form possible, this is where algorithmic trading became, that includes security efforts to try to automate and secure all the transactions made in the stock market, but security is a little tricky, since if we apply a simple approach, you can be vulnerable, on the other hand, if you apply too much, then you are paralyzed and cannot respond quickly to the fast-paced financial environment. This is more commonly seen in the government processes, is too bureaucratic.

There is a simple action you can have in mind when you are transacting in the stock market:

  • If you are making securities transactions over the internet, make sure your brokerage is using high-end encryption (process to scramble data so that only the intended receiver can use it).

One key on encryption is that the higher the number of bits in an algorithm, the more sophisticated the encryption. A 128-bit algorithm is the encryption level used by most online brokerages. It’s the highest level of security currently allowed by U.S law.




Is computer security important in nowdays?

--Originally published at Renato Gutiérrez Blog

Today we live in a world almost; not to say, totally connected thanks to the different communication systems, from the classic like the telephone calls and instantaneous text messages, through the messages of Whatsapp to a whole universe of applications lodged within the internet, like the networks social, digital newspapers, business systems, among others.

In addition, access to the internet was recently considered a human right, since it is considered that a person who does not have access to it, is almost uncommunicated and could present a disadvantage to compete (UN in Expansion, 2011).

Because virtually all of us have access to information through the Internet and its derivatives, it is of the utmost importance to protect the information and/or resources that we are interested in keeping in private and consistent information that is not altered (integrity). confidentiality and above all we could be interested that it is always available for your use.

These three concepts attack them in a precise and in depth way the subject of computer security, so it is useful to us at least to know that there are different tools to protect our resources from some malevolent hands. At the end of everything, in this world, we are not alone and it would be convenient to safeguard the security of our resources, which in some cases may represent an advantage over our competitors; in the case of a company.





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