It’s the little things …

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Here is a special blog post about some small security issues in my campus:


First of all, I use to work at my campus a year ago and I was given an ID which allowed me to enter the campus… I still have that ID and works perfectly to avoid security at the front of the campus


Then in the online student services, we can allocate students very easily with only their names.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, you can get the information from students from across all campuses, this dude is in Monterrey and I study in Guadalajara. Makes no sense to be able to get his info



Whenever we are about to start class, most of the professors expose their info into our faces. Info that may be used later for other purposes. The screen also shows a lot of student’s info, which may be sensitive info and used in a wrong manner.


You might want to start thinking about things you ignore …

--Originally published at Eric tries to write down cool things


Recently I started taking a security class and at the beginning, I felt confident with the knowledge I started with, but it was not long until I felt a little out of place with my knowledge. We started talking about the most baaaaaasic security issues, which most of the time come from the users.
I use to not care much about having multiple passwords across all my accounts because I knew I would forget a password sooner or later… so I use to have 1 master password across all services (mentioning this doesn’t affect me anymore ? ).

Right after the very first sessions of my security class, I started taking action across my accounts and started using a password manager. At the beginning, I was not very confident about my decision, but once I started noticing the advantages of a  password manager, I was starting to see why such a change was necessary. And if you haven’t thought about it, I encourage you to have a peek at it… after all, that’s the first step ?

Gonna even make it easy for you:


Bottom line: If your attention is caught by something and you know you are … somewhat ignorant about it, you might want to start reading about it, especially if it’s something security related.