All good things must come to an end (to start a new story)

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It is the end of the book and the end of the journey of Tompkins in Morovia. It is the end of a great adventure. When I read this chapter, I had just dropped a friend off to the airport. It was the end of her journey in Mexico (after one crazy year), soon it will be the end of my experience here too.

During all the chapter, my brain was comparing Webster situation to mine. This sensation of melancholia, to already miss something you are still in… As Tompkins (and everyone should do it), I must take all the positive, everything I learnt in this year of exchange. Remember everything I have done and at the same time going forward.

The end of something is always the beginning of something else, new adventures are coming. If Mr. T looked sad in the book, at the end, he finally jumped in a new adventure. He is now NNL in Bulgaria and Lakhsa and him will get married !!! His experiences there in Morovia has been amazing in the learnings, achievements, personal life… However, it is time to start a new adventure that will be great too.

It made me draw a parallel, I did not handle a project management during this year, but it was a new adventure in a new country (as T) during which I have achieved many things and I feel grown up. I feel that, that kind of experiences (living in another country, far from your family, your marks) will always help you to discover who you really are and what you are capable of. Leaving your comfort zone (as Webster did at the beginning even if he did not realize) is something amazing. Even if it is scary, it so rich in learnings.

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Review on Chapter 23 of ‚The Deadline: A Novel about Project Management‘

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Happily ever after

In his last night in Morovia, Mr. T. has a dream in which the “futurist” Yordini appears and answers all his questions about the future.

We learn that the airport project will be finished in time for the Summer Olympics – it won´t be perfect, but still good enough to handle everything, so… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

let the games begin
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Belinda Binda will be able to overcome her burnout and will begin a new career as the U.S. Senator of the State of California.

Allair Belok has some interesting steps ahead of him. First, he´ll work as an investment banker, before becoming a special assistant in the White House (I wonder if he and Belinda will have another encounter), only to go on to the Federal Prison at Danbury (Lahksa?!). But in the end, he will find peace in religion after all and have his own radio talk show.

The last question of Tompkins however remains unanswered: “What will happen to the American software industry? Will all the jobs be lost to third-world countries as some have feared?“
The only response to that was “read my book on the subject”. This might be an indication that there is not just one simple answer to this question, and maybe many more pages need to be turned in time to finally find out the end to that story…

In any way, I am sure the time in Morovia was worth every minute for Mr. T. And not only did he learn a lot during that time and from the experiment, but all his 101 lessons will be published in the Aidrivoli Software Magazine so that others can learn from them as well…

A bit sad, because Lahksa hadn´t come by to say goodbye, he settles

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