Good bye my friend TI022

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The last day has come and this is my last delivery so I will try to make it remarkable.

Nowadays hearing of courses about administration, entrepreneurship and management always come to my mind a lame image about hearing a person with a suit talking about big companies, best practice and how we can get with a new business and manage it. And this happens because they only attack you with a bunch of theory and this for me causes an opposite reaction, making me feel bored and does wat to hear about business.

Of course all the information they bring is important, but is not essential and is not the key to make a successful business, the real key is learn to manage people not the resources; learn to behave with different people, learn yourself how to adapt to new environments and hear everyone opinions this is the way you really can make a difference.

A great point that I learned from during this course is also how people work under pressure and how long this pressure can work for good and how can become counterproductive. For this reason is pretty important knowing when is the right moment to use it and when to drop it, because “PEOPLE UNDER PRESSURE DON’T THINK FASTER”. Learning to use this card wisely will give you more advantage in projects and will make feel your staff feel safe.

Learn to learn from your team and understand them. Observe and analyze your team is another key step to get the best of them and make them feel comfortable. This is pretty importan when you want more efficiency, due to everyone is different and has their own ways to work so locate the members in the right activity for them and with the people that make Continue reading "Good bye my friend TI022"

This is the end, my only friend

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The final of the Deadline novel is kind of cheese and relax, because before you get at that point all the tension and intrigue just disappear, just as in a final delivery of any projects.

Reading the last chapter reminds me the moments in life when you realize all the struggles and problems you had before, finally they are all gone, since you managed everything to get at that point and that moment is what we call success and happiness.

What I learned through these 320 pages most is to try to look beyond you horizons, learn to hear people and their opinions there is always one good idea, understand them, know them better, how they like to work and which is the best, in a few words put in the shoes of others. Because when people know you care them, you automatically gain their trust and you now that you can count with them.

The Deadline is a really good novel that can put learning and good story together, so if you. like to read or you are a boss, you must read it.

Formula for success

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Money is not the key. This is the mistake that most of the business use to make and is the why they end in a failure, of course capital is the fuel of any business but is not the engine.

When you are an employer or the head of a company normally the most pressure come from the bills and payments, you have to keep them on time. Sometimes when you are under a crisis or a bad moment on the market you have to cut the budget or make some arrangements to preserve on the market and that is totally cool, you have to survive. However when you recovered you have to return to the old scheme and maintain the quality of the service and the environment of your employees, and even if you can make an improvement, it can be difficult not seeing enough profit for a time but that is what make the difference for your people and your customers is the reason why you still on the market.

Unfortunately, this does not happens all the time, ven is weird. Nowadays most of the business are created to the only idea of generate profit and it does not matter at what price, is the quality of service or product is bad or if the employees are in deplorable situation. At first sight they start gaining a lot. Nonetheless most of the time they are on the edge an the first moment the customer or employees realize the product does not worth enough they are going to come all the way down and end as most of the business failures of the 21st century.

Your people and your quality talks by themselves, so every time try to give the best of them it does not matter if the Continue reading "Formula for success"

The crown is for one

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Being the head of an organization is mainly about making decisions and making the right ones. To make this possible can be use some help from a consultant, a person of trust or can be made with the team. At the end the most important is to make the right decision.

Nonetheless, everything change when the decision has to be made by a big group, where everyones benefits can be affected by the final election, so get a deal about how things will work become a complete disaster, because they will never all be satisfied.

So to make an agreement on a table where there are many interested the best strategy to achieve this goal is to only keep on the room the ones that in this specific moment are crucial to the selection of the future activities, this allows to the rest keep more time to work on a better idead when they time comes and have more time to work in their own activities is a win win for everyone.

But remember that this strategy is not as easy as it sounds, it requires a leader who would be the one meeting end who would take the decision and stay in that position for future meetings.

Besides patience and tolerance is needed to hear all the opinions and try to cover the needs of the majority.

The Final Deadline

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There are a lot of things you will never expect, but being a leader is a natural process and gives you the opportunity to jell with your coworkers. In some cases, they might become close friends. It’s easy to become a manager, but the real challenge is to become a good manager and a leader. Of course, this path is very hard and very demanding. Time is going to be always behind your back and you’ll have to push yourself to the limits. Only to find that this is not a work for anyone.

Cuándo Necesitas un Manager Musical

23 Chapters are enough to express this and the author doesn’t hesitate to write about it. Tompkins, Lahksa, Belinda, Aristotle, and the other characters are awesome, they always have something to teach you.

The truth is that it’s kind of sad to say goodbye to such awesome characters, but that is what makes The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management such a nice book.

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The Last Changes

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If I have to say something is that I’m kind of sad because the Deadline is almost over, I had a really nice time reading this book and I have to say that I was very surprised at the beginning of it. But let’s get down to business.

Chapter 22 is an emotional rollercoaster, of course, everything has to come to an end, but to be sincere I wasn’t expecting this kind of chapter, Tompkins has been released from its contract, as well as Minister Belok, and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier about the fact that Belok is no longer the Minister of Internal Affairs. But there’s more to take into consideration from this chapter. 

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At the very end of the chapter, Belok talked to Tompkins and he said that he was going to change the company to a Lean and Mean formula, this is a formula followed by failing companies, which is the opposite to any organization’s natural goal. In other word is the result of a Failing and Frightened company. And of course Morovia’s Inc. wasn’t a failure.

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Overstaffing is never a good option. Chapter 19 talks about the problems with overstaffing, in this case, we had the opportunity to learn that the problem with this is that you have to give all your staff something to do, which in some cases is not the most useful thing to do.

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For example in the case of design, in this case, maybe the best thing to do is to have four to five people working on that stage of the project, but you can’t keep a hundred developers on wait until you finish the design stage, this is not useful.

In fact, in some cases, if you do this you can tear apart a team, and lead them to increased interdependence, rework, or frustration.

In conclusion, Overstaffing is not a good option. The ideal way to deal with a project is to start with a small staff and to increase it during the process.

Sociology and Pathological Politics

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If there is something you have to be sure about is that you always can improve your projects. In Chapter 20 we talked about how to improve your meetings. To improve them the best thing you can do is to keep them small since a humongous meeting is not a good option. All the meetings should have a ceremony and a published agenda, this way you can ensure that your attendees are going to get hooked into the meeting and to make sure they are interested/prepared for the topics that you are going to speak about.

QUERIDA AGENDA 2020 | Querida Agenda

We also had the opportunity to learn that Anger is the same as Fear inside the workplace and this is often because the manager is overwhelmed with his project.

But there’s more!

We had read 21 Chapters and finally, Minister Belok is off the table, but this doesn’t happen often in real life, the truth is that you can’t expect to cure pathology from beneath, in a lot of cases you are not going to be able to resolve problems caused by pathological politics. If this is the case the best thing you can do is to bide your time, waiting for the problem to resolve itself, or for a good opportunity for you to move on.

5 Problem Management best practices


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When I was on my first and second semester remember when I have a code assignment, the first thing I used to did was opened my text editor and start coding. When the homework’s and project were small this strategy worked pretty well, there were few bugs of course but they di not affect too much. However, in the next semesters most of the teachers told us about how important is the analysis of requirements and design of requirements.

At first all the theory sound pretty boring and I was like: give me the work I want to code it and I keep with this thought until I was in a final project one day before deadline and realize that most of the time I was coding I did not understand the problem and with a good design everything has change it. From that moment any time I have to make any program first take my pen and paper and star writing how to solve it and if I a have a team in a white board write all the ideas to design the interfaces and this new strategy still good, because the team is 4 people or at most 7, but still is few people.

However, when I was reading “The Deadline”, a good novel by the way I recommend it. In a chapter two managers where talking about how most of the time the big projects use to start overcrowded, the manager has an aggressive deadline that require a lot of work and from the first moment they used to hire a bunch of people and this becomes counterproductive, because the first step of any project is the design and this can be done with at most 10 people but use the whole team of 30 can become

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High hopes

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The dynamics of the course TI2011 has changed a lot since the last partial, now I can’t write about my experience in the classroom, only about my laptop, me and a zoom conference.

However, zoom conferences has taken a new value thanks to this class, instead of hear boring theory and a long pptx presentation where we hear professor speak like if there was no tomorrow, we have the chance to hear about successful people that bring to use a resume of all their experience in their professional life and their contacts, is like go to a talent convention from the comfort of your home.

From these speakers I learned a lot of skills that are necessary to be a good manager and I know it because everyday at work see how some guys in manager positions are not the right one to the job, e.i., some of them are really good in their technical skills, domain most of the concepts, but they do not know how to treat their people and at the end they are only a smart guy and no more.

Another great resource of knowledge is “The Deadline”, is AMAZING it could look like simple novel but emanates knowledge, every chapter begins in a day of this amazing manager Mr. T. that is an expert solving problems and the book teach you the key to become like him, the first rule is learn about every mistake you do, if is necessary write in paper, is good to have them but only if you get something from them and the other one keep open, I feel that this is pretty important, this guy of the novel has the amazing ability of hear everyone opinion either for an improvement or a complaint, he makes people feel

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