Talk safely to me

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One of the main uses of Internet nowadays is definitely communications. From chats in cellphone apps such as Whatsapp to E-Mails, Snapchat Videos and Tweets. Let me define it as “every singe interaction that can is meant to be read by another internet user“.

Now, obviously not every communication can be defined as the same, a Whatsapp message to your mom containing your current location contains sensitive information and should be delivered from one device to another in the most secret way possible. That’s different from your tweet about the new Britney Spears single, which will appear in a public page on the web.

But as we know, the internet is open in concept, so is any communication channel really secure?

Not by itself.

The internet is a public and open protocol, so your direction, as well every “package” of information you’re sending through it is completely public. Imagine you send a real life package from Canada to Mexico. The public address of both the sender and the destination are literally pasted over the box so anyone with access to the physical box can read both, and anyone with ulterior motives could open the box, see what is inside, steal it, document it or even change it and even plant a bomb.

Some days you just cant get rid of a bomb.

And just like in the real world, in parallel universe of internet communications those labels are public and data can be read, stolen or changed. Which by the way destroys the three measurements for security, if you remember my last post.

So how can I keep my spicy pictures of those hot peppers I bought secure?


Hmm, hot peppers. A true Mexican delight. Well, thankfully we nowadays have a crazy little thing called End to End Encryption. 

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