Partial II Reflection

--Originally published at Project Evaluation and Management

Photo by Nguyen Nguyen in Pexels

In this part I have learned a lot about how to undertake and how to be a good project manager. Thanks to the talks that the guests to the class have given us, there are many very important points that must be taken into account.

Entrepreneurship is not easy, as the Mexican saying goes “they are not enchiladas”. Everything takes time and you have to know that you are probably not the only one doing that, you have to know your client very well, know their needs and if your product will satisfy those needs. If there is already a product that is the same as yours, to think that it makes yours different from others, this is very complex, but you need to know the idea well and have it in a good base. As an entrepreneur you must know that it is difficult the first years and that you will not see much money, little by little you will grow and of course you will also begin to see the money back, since at the beginning you have to invest in the idea, human capital and In material to be able to carry out the idea, all that is not easy, you have to look for investors and of course not only look for any investor but rather someone who can guide you along the way. We who are young can create and undo ideas, as one guest said, being able to fail is not bad, you fail, those failures will help you to be better and to find your deficiencies and to be able to improve what we lack. It is important to recognize where we are wrong, because if we do not recognize our mistakes, we will always think that

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