What is project management through the two first chapters of The Deadline from Tom DeMarco?

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When you pick a class, sometimes you do not have any idea precisely of what it will be about. You just thinking, “yes the name looks good, why not?”. I was the same, of course I had my idea of what is project management, but I do not think I had the whole concept.

When we enter in our first day of Project management class, I was surprise, we did not start by the definition of what exactly does it means. We talked about a book (everyone seemed to know it, and to be honest, I did not know at all what they were talking about): The Deadline by Tom DeMarco. That was a novel, supposed to teach us stuff about project management, I was sceptical. First, because it’s been a while that I didn’t read any fiction book (Netflix got me and I only read schoolbooks now, I know, what a shame, for an ex booklover) and second because I am French (it’s my favourite excuse when they ask why I’m pessimistic). 

Then, I read the two first chapters. I remembered why I used to love reading. It’s easy, pleasant to read and the story is catchy.

Opportunity Knocking

On the first chapter, we learn to know who this Mr. Tompkins is. An ex manager that was fired (I guess) and he is attending some out-placement lectures with other unemployed Of course, they used many other words to say dismissals. “Downsized”, “right-sized” or even “Released to Seek Opportunities Elsewhere”, I find this part funny. It looks like these persons that attend this seminary cannot face the truth or that they prefer to see the optimistic part of the situation (which is more positive, I agree). So, this Mr. Tompkins is bored as hell in this auditorium and Continue reading "What is project management through the two first chapters of The Deadline from Tom DeMarco?"