Fix it Felix Jr.! Security network edition!

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Wrecking stuff have always been Ralph’s thing. Ever since his tree stump was moved to the dumpster, he had dedicated himself to wreck the building that was built in his old place. But, whenever Wrack starts wrecking, Felix Jr. has always been there to fix things, thankfully. With his useful hammer, he always fixes the windows and reconstructs the zones Ralph has broken with his big fists. And time and time again, our hero manages to fix everything, get a golden medal, and leave the villain in the mud.

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However, times change. And just when Ralph was resigning himself, some interesting trash got into the dumpster. It was lot of information about networking that the Highlanders decided wasn’t important when setting their new networks. And with it, Ralph also learned how to attack this new thing called network. Yes, Wreck it Ralph is now Wrecking the Network! Now in a hurry, Felix had to learn about security networks and dive into the practice of protecting the usability and integrity of your network and data of the Highlanders. Set into this new adventure with Felix, and fix all the things that Ralph has damaged as well as setting up the new multiple layers of defenses on the network.

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The way of playing in this game is somewhat different that in the other installment. In each level, you must ensure or do activities that conform network security. Earn a certain number of points to advance to the next level. These activities are:

Wireless Security: set up the wireless security for the Highlanders network, which they used to have on default and Its probably one of the ways in which Ralph accessed the network. To do so in a basic level, change the passwords on the modems of the Highlanders.

Network isolation: divide

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network into small pieces or VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) in order to classify data or disable access to critical areas. Divide them by IPs and roles to maximize security! Also, if you segment the network, if malware come to attack you while fixing or setting up other things, at least not all your network will become contaminated. And, packets can be passed through specific VLANs only if needed. Do a server and domain isolation so that computers that are not inside the domain cannot communicate with the ones that are inside. This requires IPsec authentication and encryption.

Firewalls: Walls are Ralph’s specialty! And since most Highlanders had none or very weak firewalls, it was quite easy to break through them. Fix or configure the firewalls between a class one, two, three, four or five class firewall.  Most first class firewalls support packet filtering, stateful packet inspection, and some offer network address translation. Application specific rules such as HTTPS and DNS can be set to allow specific applications to pass through. But wait! If Ralphs comes along and breaks your firewall, if you fix it under a specific time, your firewall will be upgraded. Class two firewall is a router firewall. can provide straight forward firewall features that block and allow certain IP addresses and port numbers and use network address translation to mask private IP addresses. They are not for use in an enterprise network for security reasons, it simply can’t withstand an aggressive attack. Class three firewalls are hardware and low end firewalls; this will be the easier to configure on the network. These are best for small businesses with under 30 users. They provide static filtering and some remote management. In addition, some have unified threat management built in, with anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities. Class four are high end hardware firewalls, they provide edge protection and critical infrastructure environments without reducing performance. Class five are high end server firewalls used when the stakes are high and provide much of the same features as a separate appliance but it is built for high throughput requirements. The server can take advantage of high CPU performance and multiple processors and generally does not require a lot of disk capacity. However, this firewall requires high end hardware, so it will be of the hardest ones to get/configure.

Update patches: Fix it Felix!

Access control: As the word says, manage who can get into the network, so you can stop Ralph’s malicious attacks. One way to do it is by access lists, but it can also be done with Network Access Protection (this one works by checking the “health” of a client, granting or denying access according to this).

Honeypot: Set up a honeypot (if you have enough honey points, which will be sent from time to time by Highlanders), so that you can distract and counterattack easier. Sometimes attacks will leave information (upgrades or extra points) so be sure to grab them!

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Router: If you find a router, configure it so that protocols like EIGRP (which announces routes to the others) and telnet (which can be used to enter to other routers, those gain data from everyone), can only be accessed by certain ports and certain users.

Beware! Ralph has his own arsenal of weapons now which you will encounter during the game:

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Malware: Malware will attack you to make you lose life or security points by attacking you or the network. Get rid of them with Felix’s hammer before they contaminate you and the network. If you eliminate all the malware on the level, you will receive an anti-malware medal, which can be used as a checkpoint once per level.

Spoofing: identify Ralph’s malicious entitys to stop his contamination. But be careful, since he will try to impersonate honey points to steal your points and life!

Stop Ralph’s attacks and secure the network! The Highlanders count on you once more Felix!

Another collaboration with my friend Miguel. Remember to go and check out his blog!