Because on the network, no one can hear you scream

--Originally published at (Not so) Random talk

The network can be a Universe of its own. Vast, full of things that are or can be unknown. And just like in Sci-Fi movies, it is plagued with dangers. Hackers, malware, etc. Everything is there. As like in some movies, you need to learn to protect yourself.  If not, you might be just like those victims, getting eaten by that unknown thing.

I’ve already mentioned the basics some, if not many times, in the past, but here they come again, plus some new tips in order to browse safely, dearly from me to you:

Update your browser

Everyday thing: Have an antivirus or antimalware and keep it updated too, obviously.

Basic protection:  Use firewall if you are not on an expertise level please do not lower firewall. Your computer comes with firewall by default and it helps you filter bad stuff from the web (want to learn more about it read my past post).

Not everything clickable should be clicked: really, just don’t. If something popups, mostly common in not very safe sites, don’t click on it, close it immediately. Those can be gateways for the alien to filter into your spaceship.


Public doesn´t equal good: Don’t go into public open networks without some sort of security, or even better, don’t get on them at all. By doing so, you are probably literally leaving your info in the air for someone to grab it.

Buy smart, buy safe: Just do online shopping from trusted and well recognized sites, preferably using platforms like Paypal.


Free software can come with a price: not all software out there is good, that’s why you should only download / install certified software.

If your browser recommends you against it, don’t insist: Don’t play with fire. If your browser is already doubting on

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page’s certification, it is probably because the page is dangerous. Unless you are a 100% percent sure you know that web page, get out of there.

Use browser tools: Most browsers already come with plugins to block popup ads, I recommend to use them or install them.

Eliminate spam: Remember DoS attacks. Also, many of this emails are either trying tophish or spoof you.

If a Facebook login page or something of sort comes out from a popup, unless it’s from a trusted app, don’t log in: It’s someone trying to gain access to your account right there.

Passwords: Try using different passwords, don’t use the same for everything. That way, if someone gets access to your password, it would grant access to all of your accounts. Also, make them secure by making them long enough, with special characters and numbers.

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And one extra and special thing: Beware, being in private mode is actually not private at all. It still makes you vulnerable to everything, and even if your computer doesn’t save a record of what your doing, the little device that gives you Internet or your Internet company probably will too (so who knows if someone out there will know too). So don’t make yourself vulnerable just because you are browsing on private mode.  Just like a ghost with a sheet. (:3)

Remember people, must security breaches are made by us, users. So please, be smart and stay safe. Audray out!

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