Hello world!

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It’s time to start blogging. The thought of starting my own blog has crossed my mind in more than one occasion. However, I always put it off due to being indecisive about what technologies to use, what it should contain and how it should look.

As of right now (late 2017) I’m about a year and half from obtaining my second bachelor’s degree. The first time around I graduated as a “licenciado” in administrative finance. Now I’m looking forward to graduate as a computer systems engineer. I’ve studied for both degrees at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara. Why I chose to get a second degree, and in some ways, start my life anew will be the matter of another blogpost.

As a student of the (in)famous Ken Bauer, I am tasked with starting a blog in which to make regular posts that detail what I’m learning about IT security in class. Since the collection of posts will count towards my grade, I was put into action to stop procrastinating and start my blog right now. I expect that this exercise in writing will serve to better my communication skills, ability to form thoughts, and perhaps be helpful or at least interesting to a few of you out there.

After struggling to get a blogging platform going in python’s Flask, I decided to use wordpress. The whole set of technologies that power this blog are:

  • MySQL Database (hosted on aws)
  • EC2 AWS instance as the server
  • Docker for ease of development and deployment

I shall make another tutorial style post about how I got this site running, and what I learned during the process.

I hope that blogging will become a habit of mine. Expect posts not only about my security class, but about a whole range of subjects from programming, startups, Continue reading "Hello world!"

WSQ1: Introduction and ACI

Introduction to Computer and Information Security

Watch these videos and then  please find your resources. I highly recommend that you follow Bruce Schneier, Brian Krebs and others in the security field.

Accessibility, Confidentiality, and Integrity

Three key concepts here in computing security in accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity. Watch this video but you want to dive much deeper on this over the semester.

Your assignment should you choose to accept it

Research on your own about accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity and write a blog post (include your references, images, videos) about your thoughts on the topic as it stands now.

Bonus Video with Maggie

Maggie Jauregui graduated from our program a few years ago. This is her presentation at DEF CON 22. We had the privilege to have Maggie join us last year in a Google Hangout with the course and perhaps we can do that again this year.

Featured Image Credit

closeup picture of someone chewing the erasure of a pencil labeled "Integrity #2"
Integrity #2 flickr photo by Nat20_Film shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license