WSQ09 – The Movies


In this assignment we should be into more classes to implement the program. You will want to check out the Java Collections Framework since this looks like the Dictionary you probably used in Python. In this case the key will be a string (the movie title) and the value with be a list (or set perhaps) of strings (actor names).

What to Do

<small><a title="(#20 of 365) Movie Night" href="">flickr photo</a> shared by <a href="">j-fin</a> under a <a href="">Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license</a> </small>
flickr photo shared by j-fin under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license

The details of the assignment can be found at the following URL, I should pull some of that description over here (note that the material on the authors’ page is indeed Creative Commons license CC-BY 3.0 as is mine) . *NOTE* that these assignments are based on Python2 syntax in case you want to run this in Python. Of course your solution will be with Java using object-oriented programming.

The authors’ page is also a good source for more Python programming assignments

What to Submit

As usual, create a blog post explaining what you did, where you found resources (books, videos, web pages, friends) to help you solve this. Remember to put the tag #WSQ09 on your post so our blog hub picks that up.

You should include your code as a link to GitHub.

And of course, leave any questions here as well as asking those questions on Twitter with the hashtag #TC201 so we all see your question posted there.

CC BY-SA 4.0 WSQ09 – The Movies by Ken Bauer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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