Mastery Topics

flickr photo by ecastro shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license
flickr photo by ecastro shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Show your Mastery

These are the topics that you should master during the course. I break this down into “general purpose” items, then content topics for TC2016.

Transversal Topics

  • Setup and use of IDE (code/test/debug)
  • Create accounts: Blog, Twitter, GitHub
  • Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub
  • Demonstrate use of Linux sufficient for quizzes/exams
  • Install Linux on their own computer

#TC201 Topics

  • What is an object, attribute and method?
  • What is abstraction?
  • What is encapsulation?
  • What is delegation?
  • What are CRC cards and how do we use them?
  • What are the basic UML diagrams we should know for design communication?
  • What are”has-a” and “is-a” relationships?
  • What are the mechanics for class description (coding) in the JavaProgramming Language?
  • Show the object-oriented concepts in practice in Java
  • What are visibility modifiers, their purpose and use in practice?
  • What are the options for container classes (and basic types) and when/how to use them.?
  • What are inheritance and polymorphism? (Specification and implementation)
  • What is the metaobject protocol?
  • What are overloading and overwriting? How do we implement those in Java?
  • Show basic understanding of GUI design and implementation in Java.
  • How do we use exceptions, when, where and why?
  • Generics and Templates in the Java Programming Language.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Mastery Topics by Ken Bauer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.