Should I click on that?

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That’s the simple answer. And when we talk about security, better safe than sorry. As possible, do not click on any funny stuff that you find across the internet, if it looks weird, if it tells you that you should scan your computer for viruses, or if it tells you that you just won $500,000 USD since you are the 500,000 visitor. What a coincidence, but it is not; its just a few guys trying to make a living out of you, by getting your information and doing something dirty with it.


Clicking things like this one would usually lead to a privacy breach or something you really don’t want to have in your mind.

Stay safe and don’t click things that ask for something from you.

As a user of the internet, you are exposed to many things, many threats. It starts with where you are connecting from and it goes all the way to what sites you are visiting.

Alex Carrillo makes an interesting post about this in his blog, you can read the Security on the web post that he made and you will have a better picture of some simple threats that you should look for.

Now, besides the passwords, sharing information, clicking on things, using nice browsers and downloading dirty stuff; there are some other threats. This ones are more discreate, like phishing or false emails trying to get your information.

Phishing is a serious thing, since many times you don’t even notice you’ve been giving information or that you’ve been victim of an attack. So, what is phishing exactly?, here is the definition:

“Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn information such as login credentials or account information by masquerading as a reputable entity or person

email, IM or other communication channels.” (SearchSecurity – TechTarget)


Many times is a false facebook login page, sometimes is a false email, it can be many things and you don’t even notice. Usually the banks tell you not to click on the links that come in emails, since they usually don’t send links in their email, with this intention, to avoid possible phishing attacks from other persons to you and their clients.

Stay away from any kind of weird email that comes into your inbox, check before you click anything and specially, check before giving away information when you type your passwords and other stuff. Double check and if any doubt don’t do it.

If it is too late and you notice that you already gave away your data. Change passwords and deactivate access from all your in-risk accounts, don’t panic, just go and change what you gave away in order for that information to become useless.

Between Alex’s post and this one, you should have enough information to stay safe and prevent any kind of attacks or dangerous websites that try to get your information.

That’s it for now, but as always, good day, good luck, be safe, eat well, move your ass at the gym or somewhere else, take your vitamins, talk to interesting people, don’t text and drive, have enough sex (even if it has to be with yourself), learn things, share things and try to make the world a better place, move on on achieving your definition of “success” and drink more coffee!