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--Originally published at Don't Trust Humans, Trust Computers

The semester has come to an end, and with it, it comes to answer the ecoas and make public reviews about your classes during the semester…ok, I am just making a review about one class: “Seguridad Informática” aka #TC2027. This class was imparted by Ken Bauer and this is class is the reason way I made this blog. For me this class had its pros and cons, like many other classes (but most of my cons I think it was me instead of the class, but I am going to talk about that in a little bit).


So this class was a little different from other classes, because it involved a flipped learning methodology (which flipped many of my classmates and I include myself in this one) and an abolish grading policy kind of situation. So the good thing about this class was that Ken tried to take us out of our comfort zone of learning, which is both, good and bad depending of how you see it. At first, I was very disconcerted about this situation, because I am not very into writing blogs (or any kind of writing), so this was kind of a challenge for me. Then the abolish grading policy, I saw it as a good thing, because it either proves own well you know yourself or how well you trick yourself; and besides it was a new policy we never had before so there’s that.

For me the hardest part of this course was writing the blog post, because as I mentioned I am not use to write this type of things. So I was stress, because I didn’t wanted to make a blog that was very “school alike” and I wanted a blog that was more “”me””. At the end, the process of making

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blogs was entertaining, but if we are being realistic, it wasn’t my thing. I know that with this, the purpose of Ken was for us to more proactive and be more self-taught people, but is hard to make blogs (and yes I know I am repeating that a lot). But again, If I am being completely honest…I kind got better during the semester at making blogs…I think.

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From this class, I like that from time to time, Ken brought some very interesting people that were working in the security field, and also some others that weren’t in the field. So that was nice. Also another aspect that I found very enriching was the appointments with Ken. At first, I was skeptical about this, because I thought that it was going to be very awkward and that the conversation was going to be very forced, but it wasn’t AT ALL. They were nice conversations were, I could learned more about Ken and also I know that he is a person that I can count on if I need any advice in the laboral aspect of my life. Also I like that Ken wanted to push us to have a digital persona out there, because let’s face it, the internet can connected us and that’s what Ken wanted. I also like making collaborative blogs, because some how it make them easier.

I know that the blogging thing wasn’t for everyone, so I can recommend maybe changing that for making less blogs and having a balance between theory and practice. I know that I didn’t realize some of the practices we had, but they were very interesting (I know I am kind of contradicting myself here, but that’s right).

In general, I can say it was a good class, not my best but never the less a good. I personally would have like having a couple of lectures from time to time, but that’s my own personal opinion. I surely recommend to have a class with Ken, because he is an excellent teacher and mentor, and because he is a teacher that is always renewing his methodologies and that’s pretty good. So to future Ken’s students I recommend you to take advantage of Ken (in the good way) and try to learn the most you can from him.