You shall not pass!

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So today post is about Authentication and Access Control…which is something not so new for someone who actually respects the base configuration of Windows (Yeah…right) permissions about new software and modifications and also for the Unix base OS with sudo.

So in the more basics words Authentication is when we identify ourselves to the OS, with an username and a password. So authentication is in reality so simple, just helps the OS to verify that the individual or “user” we claim to be, is indeed ours.

Actually when you are on the same network as others computers and you want to access the information on them, you got a pop-up asking for an specific user and password. This is to authenticate that you are trying to get your own information and not someone else.

Image from Oracle

We have seen movies where the authentication is almost a ritual, first the person just stands by and uses his password of 4 digits, then in the other door he puts his fingertip, on the other one he uses his eye to authenticate himself and finally he almost have to sing or dance or pray to the gods looking for it to work and access the most secret place and treasure.


Of course in real life there is a high chance that you don´t even have the user and password authentication enable. We are lazy, yes we are… but we need to know when to block our PC and avoid those email for the entire enterprise saying “DONUTS ON ME”, no, I haven´t suffered this, but someone in my group did.


Is not entirely necessary to implement the full ritual that I just mention to you, but a 2 factor authentication can help us to avoid getting our information filtered. When you lost

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