DevOps part 2

--Originally published at Hackerman's house

This is a continuation of the DevOps excercise, you can see the first part here where I talked about the definition of DevOps and the process of instalation of ArchLinux in my computer, as well as the setup of programming languages and git (I made a mistake and thought the first part was about this). Most of the things of this delivery area already in that post so this will be kind of short.

For the web deployment I selected a classic LAMP stack. Since 2013 MariaDB is Arch Linux’s default implementation of MySQL, the other parts about apache and php are self-explanatory.


After installing them I followed this tutorial to setup everything the right way, most of the steps are about modifying the configuration files and starting the services. And here are some screenshots proving that these services are working.







I hope my next post will be a little bit more interesting.