Course review

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Well, this is it, today in a couple of hours I’ll go out there and do my final exam of the course. My opinions of it are mixed, however, I’d first of all like to thank Ken for his time, patience and most of all good attitude he has all the time. He is really a nice, understanding and accommodating person and I think that’s incredibly valuable for a teacher, a profession that may turn you into a cynical being in a short time.

Somehow the music transition went perfect, love my 360p camera.

Comfortable headset

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If you are gonna  be in your own workspace or you need to have one it’s imperative not to damage your ears and be able to be the audiophile you were meant to. There is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of headsets you could be interested in, some required an AMP and DAC, others work well with only a sound card and some cans can even run solo. Also, some are better for listening to bass, others get you good highs and some are really well made and balanced, something you may not want! I’ll present you three different options.


The Sennheiser HD598 doesn’t require an AMP/DAC combo as it only has 60U impedance and is very balanced, it’s said to be the best low-mid range pair of cans you can get.




The Beyerdynamic DT 990 600OHM are some of the best cans you can get for only 250 dollars. Truly worth the money, you really can’t tell there’s much of a difference between this and some high-end gear. You do need to keep in mind this do need an AMP/DAC.



These two babies are however only really usable indoors if you are someone who moves a lot I recommend a wireless pair. These cans are pretty good.


ATH WS99BT from Audiotechnica 


And with this, I finish my short series of what every PC guy must have. Hope you enjoyed it!

Comfortable chair and optimal desk

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I’m totally blank about what to recommend but the logic is simple. You spend all this time in front of your PC, believe me, your back is gonna thank me.

I am sure there are some 60 dollars comfortable and ergonomic chairs but I do not know of any of them so I’m just gonna recommend a really expensive and totally pointless one.






Distil Desk



Wrist Rest

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It’s no secret that a lot of pro gamers and programmers develop wrist problems because of the long hours they spend behind the keyboard in a bad posture. A good wrist rest helps alleviate that, they don’t need to be expensive either. I bought mine on best buy for around 150 pesos and that’s actually the one I’m gonna recommend.

While it’s not flashy at all the Insignia Keyboard Wrist Rest certainly does its job.

For the mouse I actually do not recommend a wrist rest, I think it’s better for you to use a low DPI and learn to move the whole arm to avoid any health complication in the future.


Also keep it in 6/11. CHEERS!


Ergonomic mouse

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If you are more precise with your cursor and your clicks feel smoother it will naturally make your time for efficient and enjoyable. There are a lot of debates and opinions about what to look for in a mouse but I believe that there are only two things that really count.

  • Ergonomics
  • A good optical sensor


Resultado de imagen para mionix castor

That’s why for small to medium sized hands with claw grip I’d recommend the Mionix Castor, the one I use. It is the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used, has three extra buttons and has the 3rd best sensor in the market.




If you are, however, a fucking normie and want to use the Razer product like the ignorant child you are then your best bet is the Razer DeathAdder Elite, it was just released and has the best sensor in the market, it’s really cheap and will break in a couple of months however, so beware.




This leads us to the 3rd mouse. The Logitech G502 Proteus Core has the 2nd best sensor in the market. It’s really heavy and big and ugly so it’s basically the opposite of the Mionix, use it if you have big hands.


Two monitors

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Having two monitors greatly improves productivity, that’s a fact. For  a programmer it lets you code happily, you can even turn one of them 90 degrees  up. For mortals like me, it lets us keep multiple tabs of stuff open at the same time and multitask more efficiently, also Reddit.

I’d say the optimum size is 24 inches, anything more is overkill and anything else is uncomfortable.


As a pro gamer I have one 144hz monitor, like this one, for maximum skillz and a regular one. This is an ASUS VG248QE.


Mechanical keyboard

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To put it simple, this bad boys feel way more comfortable to use, give you tactile feedback and make you type way faster. There isn’t any reason not to buy one, there’s some really expensive models but also some really cheap ones. Range from 25 dollars to hundreds. They last for years, though, so it will be an investment.



This is the Feenix Autore, medium range. Find it at





GK110-US-4N, from V7. Cheap AF but that doesn’t make it bad. Find it in amazon for less than 30 dollars!


What you need to work efficiently with a PC.

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Today I’m gonna talk about what I consider the minimum requirements that someone who works with a PC needs. With this, I mean someone whose job revolves around one, be it a programmer, a pro gamer, an IT guy, an Excel monkey. Whatever you are, if you use your PC for more than a couple of hours a day, you need this.



Resultado de imagen para sitting in a desk

Meta AF. From Tim Baran, Legal Productivity


The last stand…

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Visual representation of how screwed I am this week. Thank you Age of Empires 2, you never fail me, not when I am procrastinating, not now, not ever.



Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors Expansion PLAY IT!


My download speed is garbage so I can’t even upload any videos to youtube, that’s gonna have to wait until the weekend when I can move my PC.