TDD Kent Beck

--Originally published at Computer Systems Engineering

The Test Driven Development is something i have never done and I’m not used to, to be honest i had to take some time to fully grasp the idea because i found confusing the thought of generating test for a code that hasn’t even been written.

I feel like it make take some time to get used to this workflow because code has to be deleted often if you make mistakes (which i do very often) so it means changing everything. On the other hand it sounds like a great advantage to have in your master branch only code that has been tested and worked, it makes things more stable.

The technique  sounds amazing, basically you just need to have all tests in green, and if you have all of them green then the program as a whole is green because mistakes don’t propagate precisely because all your tests worked before…wow.

I think TDD is perfect for pacient people because you are developing small parts of the code at a time, taking care of it until it’s as good as it can be and then move on. For people that are not as pacient it must feel like a burden to do all this test in small parts instead of having and entire thing and then from there solve the problems.

In conclusion, only reading about it TDD sounds too tiresome for me but i will give it a chance to change my mind, i might get pleasently surprised. And i’ll keep in mind the most important: test && commit || revert