History of Artificial Inteligence

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In 1936 Alan Turing published his paper called “On Computer Numbers”. In this paper Alan laid the four pillars of computing which later became known as the Turing Machine. What Alan always wondered was, how to define machine intelligence. With this he created the Turing test. Which consists of a person and a machine, with an evaluator asking open questions and the evaluator must determine who is the machine.

Example of the turing test.

En teoría se puede dividir a la Inteligencia Artificial en diferentes Capas las cuales son:

How does a machine learn?

The first thing is to know how humans learn.

  • Classical conditioning is the simplest form of learning known. This type of learning was discovered by the Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, when he was studying the digestive processes of dogs. Pavlov noticed that dogs began to salivate in anticipation of the presence of food.Pavlov conducted numerous experiments based on these observations and thus developed a conditioning methodology he called classical or response conditioning.

From this we can know what happens in the neuron when it learns:

For example in the following image we have the model of a neuron with its input and output impulses. In our life we learn by means of Pavlov’s learning model of conditioning by means of positive and negative reinforcement. In the neuron you can see that our senses play a very important role in the learning of the neurons. If you notice there is an empty square at the entry points of the neuron these represent the memory in which there is no memory with fire. So the eyes see something bright, the nose smells toasty, our touch feels something strange, and there is no memory. So the most normal thing will be to want to touch it, what

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Digital Security Divided

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This is a new word that I learn in a Ted talk about the case that Apple has between the FBI. This work refered to a digital barried that is between a small percentaje of the human race but this barrier is not about apple it is about how the information is not encrypted and more than 2 thirds of the global community are exposed. The thing that a problem is that the more economy wealth persons are protected and the poor ones aren’t.

The thing that you are thinking is what is this importan to me if I don’t car if my cat photos are compromissed. Well probrably you are not in trouble but let’s see this case that comes to my mind. The movement Black Lives Matter is mainly conduct by person that have not a lot of money so probraly they have Android celullars. So any hacker acn access to their phones and sell that information. This think is not about thecnology it is about ethics and how all person should have access to all the security that by the constitution they have.

This is the video, to see it click in the image.


Experince in Ken Bauer Class

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The first thing that I thing when I get to this class was wait there is no homework, no projects, no going and neither physical exam. My reaction was the next one

But after the first class with this canadian profesor my eyes where opened and I think in other way. Given us these freedom is literally let in the knowledge grow and to the curiosity be our bodies. In this case I was amesed beacuse with only one class this professor challenge me to learn by own way and to ask it is the best way to make a progress.

In the next video I gave my opinion of the classes and my recomendation.

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Validating User Input in Python

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User do not know how to use a computer

This mentally you need to have in order to have a great code.

Lets see if I have the next code:


If the user gave you for any reason a letter because he or she is stupid the code will crash:


In order to prevent this we are going to validate what the user gave us is corect in this case first we are going to obtain the input without any type we do this by puting raw_input.

the next thing is to do the text if it is a number with int(User_Input). since we know that if this obtain a number it will crash we are going to do a cheat to stop this.

We use Try and except:

What try does it proves the code and Except will do an action if the codecrash.

The complete code will look like this:


In this case if the user gave us a string it should make this:


If the user gave us a integer it should run smothly:


Go and Have fun as a Code Master

Use of Range in Pytho

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Don’t be scared by the word there are easy as pie

Let’s see that you want to print all number between 1 and 5; therefore you need a range. But let me tall you a little secret in range it only takes until the number you tell it but do not  take the actual number in consideration. Let’s see an example:

range1 In this the 5 willnot be printed.

The actual result of this code is the next one:


Now lets see a more complex range with two variables:


in this case the result will be:


If you want to see more info in the next link:


Reading and writing of text files

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Computers do even read and write?

YES, they do.

Calm down it is not wichcraft.

Lets see how to do it.

Firts we need to create a .txt file and we do this by typing file = open(“file name”, “action”)

The actions that you can do are the next ones:

  • “w” this is use to write in a .txt file
  • “r” this is use to read
  • “a” open the file for apending

The action that we are going to do is to write so we put file.wite(“Hello”)

The code should look like this.


Now in other to see this we need to open it again and put print(file.read())


The result of the code is the next one:


Use of recursion for repetitive algorithms in Python

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The term recurssion is simple it means the use of a repetive funtion inside the funtion. Let’s see if we want to do the factorial funtion we are going to encounter to case the case of factorial 0 and the other cases. Having this in mind we have to make these two in code.

Therefore the code is the next one:


The result is the next one:


This is easy only having in mind that we are having ti use the same funtion between the repetitive one.

You can check these link for more information.


Creating a User Interface in Python 1

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In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a user interface. But first lets define what does this is? The user interface is creted for authorizing a register user to enter to a certain program or page.

Creating first Menu

The first thing is to open a new document of python an called menu1.

Then define a funtion called menu().


If you run it it should displate this:


Implementing this menu to select action

The first thing to create is a another document called Main.

Then import the menu1.

Then put menu1.menu()

After that put opcion = input(“Inserta un numero valor >> “)


This is what is should display:


This all for today expect for tommorow for the next part of this project.