Chapter 5 discussion

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1.- Some organizations in industry who adopt TDD report that it succeeds very well, and others report that it fails. Based on your knowledge of TDD and any experience you have, why do you think it succeeds sometimes but not all?

Test driven development is really dependent on the culture of the industry. If you try to take this approach, but you don’t develop your test seriously you won’t be able to succeed. To do this kind of development your tests cases have to be defined really well, in order to have high quality software; the validity of your tests play an important role as this allow you to do iterations of programming that get you closer to your final goal (avoiding to waste time).

2.- A few software organizations use test criteria and report great success. However, most organizations do not currently use test criteria. Based on your knowledge and experience, why do you think test criteria are not used more?

Because they don’t create appropriate test criteria and they try to get near 100% coverage, which is impossible and time wasting. It could also be the test they make are not in line with the functionality that they are trying to incorporate to their program and lose the focus of the project.

Week 4 Plan

--Originally published at Hackerman's house

We didn’t have class this monday so we discuss the week 4 plan trough Telegram. This week we want to make sure the application is well defined, assuring that the goal of the project is clear and the requirements are well defined. This is why we have 3 main taks this week: Improve the prototype, review the requirements and continue the firebase investigation.

List of responsibilities

  • Improve the prototype (Francisco and Daniela)
  • Review the requirements (Oscar and Maximo)
  • Firebase Investigation (Everyone)

Resultado de imagen para firebase

Week 3 progress

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This week we covered the goals set on monday. All of the members started researching a bit about firebase, we are not going to implement this yet, but we have some basic knowledge that we didn’t have before.

We started to develop the UI of the app in android studio, using as a model the mockup we previously did in


Week 3 Plan

--Originally published at Hackerman's house

This week we are going to start developing the UI of the app as well as the navigation trough it. We won’t start the functionality yet, but we will start investigating how to use firebase or some other platform to save pertinent data.

As we are not going to implement any functionality this week, the testing won’t be necessary yet.

List of responsibilities

  • UI (Max and Paco)
  • Navigation (Oscar and Daniela)
  • Firebase Investigation (Everyone)


Photo by: Stuart Rankin

Week 2 Progress

--Originally published at Hackerman's house

As a team we made progress in this week according to the plans defined on monday. We have a basic idea of a project we want to do, an android app that will allow the user to create tier lists of anything they want; we decided the name of our team “God Tiers” based on the main idea of the project.

Basic requirements:

  • Login to enter the app
  • Create lists separated by tiers
  • Upload images and/or text of the elements in the list
  • Export an image of the full list
  • See lists of people you follow