Code Revision

--Originally published at Newbie Programmer

Code revision as the name says it’s when something, someone or you check the code if its correct or can have a better implementation or to make it expandable. These practices can have a lot of advantages or disadvantages depending of the people that are going to help us for this revision, this theme is part of the agile development that is based in iterative models when the requirements are changing during the development of an application, one of the most common code revision practices are pair programming.

Pair programming it’s a practice where two software developers combine effort in a workplace, one person works in the code and the other think how to improve or the next things that are need to be coded, the advantages of this is that the developers maintain focus of the things that they need to do, the code quality is better, if one developer is stuck the other can solve that more quickly, it’s helpful for beginners to learn the knowledge of another person and they improve their social abilities, but the disadvantages are that the developer with more experience can find this practice tedious and they prefer to work alone, or if they don’t have the same schedules in the day and they can’t be in the same place to work.

In conclusion code revision is very helpful for those persons who don’t have a lot of experience coding, but it’s important to choose the right person to do this.


Photo by Breyten Ernsting