Classes to Code

--Originally published at Newbie Programmer

To convert the design of a diagram class to code in the object oriented paradigm its easy because UML in this case is made in an object oriented design so the design it’s the visual view of the code, and depending of the quality of the diagram, because if we see the structure of a class diagram is similar of how a class in object oriented is done, in the design we can see the name of the class, the attributes and type of variables, the methods and the inheritance between classes.

I wrote before the benefits of the class diagrams, but we have to consider that in this case UML is object oriented for instance only the object oriented languages can be easily to understand in UML, we need to avoid to make a mix of design and programming languages, for example to design code for COBOL we don’t use UML, we can use the UML for another languages but is not recommended for doing code but it is for only design, because UML is useful for having a big picture of the instances, relationships and how the system works.

To conclude, class to code are easy if we use the same paradigm, the trick is to choose the programming language that is our favorite and make a design is always a good idea but in preference for the same paradigm.

class diagram template for atm system