Modeling Languages and Tools

--Originally published at Newbie Programmer

A modeling language it’s any language that we can use for making a model, this model can be an image, text, table, diagram, etc., this kind of languages are mainly used in the software engineering and computer science for designing software, patterns, equipment, implementations, relationships, code and its based in the requirements of the domain used for example object oriented, and there are a lot of types of modeling languages but the most typical ones are the graphical and textual ones.


In this type we found one of the most used languages UML (Unified Model Language), that is used in the object-oriented design, and the main characteristic is the use of blueprint diagrams, and we have more languages like behavior trees and flowcharts to mention some examples.


This are represented in natural languages, that is a language that we typically use that’s why is called natural we learned through the history, this type of modeling languages can be used to express knowledge like dictionaries, taxonomies, geographic, etc. This can be used to write code (pseudocode) and to make it understandable to implement in many programming languages.

There is more classification of the modeling languages like algebraic, behavioral, object oriented, for information and knowledge, but the mentioned before are the most used type and classification of modeling languages.


Photo by William Warby