Unified Modeling Language Part Two

--Originally published at Newbie Programmer

This is the part two of the UML, in this case I am explaining more tools used in this modeling language, things like state diagrams, package diagrams and component diagrams.

State Diagrams (State Machines)

These diagrams describe the different states or conditions of the entire or part of the system in a finite instance of time, these diagrams are used for showing the dynamic behavior of the class and how it changes in response of the internal and external events.

Package Diagrams

It’s like a container in UML for the diagrams, these packages are sorted in groups. The packages are useful for the construction of more complex systems and behaviors, and the purpose of the package diagrams are to show a big picture of the system in complex systems because we can’t leave details in this picture.

Component Diagrams

These diagrams help to divide the system in small components that help us to know better the parts of a complex system, and this can be used to check every aspect of the system and to know if the part is doing in a good way, this is helpful when we find to see a simple top-level view of the system.